Thursday, November 13, 2014

California Artist Spotlight: Gia Coppola

One of our current girl crushes, Gia Coppola is, among many talents (movie directing, wine making), a fantastic photographer. She has shot both fine art and commercial campaigns, and has a great instagram as well. 

The granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola, Gia grew up between Los Angeles and Napa. She studied photography in college, and her recent film projects make use of her talent for composing a shot.

Her photography features dreamy scenes and a saturated color palate, conveying a sense of languor. 

From The Tappan Collective:

Family Photos:

For Urban Outfitters:

This shot in particular is fantastic, with the group of models in the center of the shot and the green grass filling the frame.

For PaperMag (photographs of the cast of Palo Alto, Coppola's first full length film):

From Instagram:

Still from Palo Alto:
Although technically from her film, and not an actual photograph, we love the composition of this shot. 
The pink, asphalt and aqua pair so perfectly.

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