Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Bastille Day!

The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Hotel, Paris, 2009

We have both always been major Francophiles, and love any excuse to indulge in some French treats.  Last year, with France's Independence Day falling on a Sunday, we created a picnic menu to celebrate.  Anyone lucky enough to have the day off should take advantage of that... But for us, it's a work day, so aside from a breakfast croissant, we won't be able to celebrate until tonight.  Here are some of our favorite recipes for a last-minute French feast:

You can always buy this in a higher end grocery store, as the recipe does require chilling for a few hours, but with foie gras illegal in California, this is a close second in taste, and a must in any French feast.

This recipe was created for late winter/early Spring, but we love the idea of serving the warm, gooey cheese with crackers or baguette, charcuterie, and an array of summery vegetables such as radishes, cherry tomatoes, and young carrots.

This recipe is from NYC's Buvette, but it's as good - or better - as any mousse we have had in Paris

To Drink:

Whispering Angel seems to be the rosé of the season, and we also love Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's award winning Miraval 

Bon Appetit!  

We will be fantasizing about the Paris couture shows while we eat...

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