Friday, January 25, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Photos Released

One of our favorite shows, both for fashion and writing, Mad Men is returning for its sixth season with a two hour premiere on Sunday, April 7th.  AMC has released new images to promote it, and we are already excited about the clothes.  Here's a peek at the new photos, as well as some of the best looks from seasons past.
Betty Francis, Sally Draper, Megan Draper, and Don Draper in Season 6
Ken Cosgrove, Harry Crane, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, and Bert Cooper in Season 6
Betty Draper with red nails, a cigarette, and a BB gun in Season 1
Classic Joan Holloway in Season 1
Rachel Menken and Don Draper in Season 1
Betty Draper's Equestrian Chic in Season 2
Betty Draper shows off her new bikini in Season 2
Betty and Don Draper in Rome, Season 3
Betty Draper and Henry Francis in Season 3
Pete and Trudy Campbell in their festive best, Season 4
Megan Draper in a black chiffon mini dress in the Season 5 opener
Megan Draper in a chevron print coat in Season 5
Peggy Olson's Career Woman Makeover in Season 5
Jane Sterling's Very 60s Style in Season 5 - this look is definitely leading us into the next season

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