Thursday, June 9, 2016

Foodie Favorite: The Crispy Hash Brown Chilaquiles at Trois Familia

Trois Familia, the casual Mexican-French café in Silverlake, is the latest foodie genius invention of the very creative Chef Ludo Lefebrvre.  Who else would know that what a bean and cheese burrito really needed is some garlic brown butter, or that a cornichon is just the right garnish on a beef tartare tostada?  The hash brown chilaquiles is a perfect stack of breakfast - it layers a square of hash browns, a sunny side up egg, and cotija cheese, and you must add avocado, then smothers it all in a vinegary salsa macho.  It'll wake up your taste buds at brunch, and it works well with pretty much every other inspired menu item.  We also really love their logo.

Trois Familia is open daily from 9am-2pm

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