Monday, April 4, 2016

Foodie Favorite: The Roasted Little Farm Potatoes at SHED

Healdsburg's SHED has a number of amazing, locally sourced, and farm fresh items on their menu, but one of our favorites is the Roasted Little Farm Potatoes, served on a board with tomato sauce, garlic aioli, and herbs.  The dish's presentation is stunning, and it's a great California cuisine play on the traditional Spanish patatas bravas.  The tomato sauce has a bit of spice, and pairs perfctly with the tangy, garlicky aoili and fresh mixed herbs.  This is one of the rare restaurant dishes that's worth the drive to eat again, but also something we could attempt as home cooks.  We look forward to eating it, one way or another, many times in the future.

More information about SHED here.

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