Friday, February 26, 2016

What We're Talking About This Week

Northern California has never been known for its bagels, but San Francisco's Wise Son's Jewish Delicatessen has made a big investment to change that. 

Santa Barbara Wine Country keeps getting better, and the whole country is taking notice.  We love this guide to the best of what's on offer for a weekend getaway.

Since David Bowie passed away early last month, there have been many beautiful tributes to him, but the one from this week's BRIT Awards is among the best.  Performed by Lorde and Bowie's own band, it was, in the word's of Bowie's son Duncan Jones 'Just... beautiful. Thank you.'

This is an election year unlike any other - with an unusual group of candidates, many divisive issues, and a seat on the Supreme Court at stake.  But it's also a significant year due to the changing demographics in the US, namely the rise of the single woman.  This article is a great long read about the hard earned power of the unmarried American woman.

On Sunday, we'll be watching the Oscars and keeping track of our best guesses on this ballot.  Look for our favorite gowns on Monday morning!

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