Friday, January 15, 2016

What We're Talking About This Week

We were devastated by the loss of David Bowie on Sunday, just as millions of others around the world were.  It's amazing to see how fans are memorializing him in their own way. 

This was a sad week for celebrity deaths.  Just as Bowie passed away at age 69 of cancer, so did Alan Rickman, one of our very favorite actors.  His perfect, plummy British accent was music to our ears, and he was excellent in everything from Sense and Sensibility, to Die Hard, to Love Actually, to Harry Potter.

Eater recently updated their list of the top 38 best places to eat in the US, and California dominated this year, with seven restaurants placing between LA and the Bay Area.  One of them is a foodie favorite of ours, Guerrilla Taco.

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, and we will be spending the next six weeks seeing as many of the films as we can.  Favorites so far include Mad Max and The Big Short, and we would love to see best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling go home with a statue.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have been taking their friendship on the road in their show AC2.  They'll be making stops in San Francisco tonight and in Oakland on Sunday, before moving down to Socal in March.

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