Friday, October 9, 2015

What We're Talking About This Week

Fleet Week has been taking place in San Francisco this week, and festivities are scheduled through this weekend. The highlight is always the Blue Angels, scheduled to fly over San Francisco around 3pm. We'll be heading up to the roof to check them out for sure. The full schedule for the air show can be found on their website.

Town & Country took us inside the beautiful yacht architect Frank Gehry designed, and it has made us want to visit LACMA's comprehensive exhibit covering his career even more. We'll be wearing our Torque necklace.

We were excited to hear about Restoration Hardware's fine art launch, and became enamored with Brice Bischoff's photographs of the Bronson Caves. Using long exposure film photography, he moves colored paper around, creating what looks like colorful haze in the final prints. Can we please have these?

This weekend kicks off LitquakeThe cofounders of the festival note 'there are a number of possible answers (why is San Francisco and the Bay Area so obsessed with literature). First and foremost, the fog sets the mood, perfect weather for reading and writing. We are surrounded by universities and libraries. The city offers a long history of groundbreaking West Coast literature, from Mark Twain reading his work at McGuire’s Academy of Music theater on Pine Street, to the San Francisco Renaissance, the Beats, the poetry festivals of the 1970s, the 1980s spoken-word scene, and the ever-growing list of MFA programs.' We couldn't agree more, and want to check out the literary trivia night...

Movies and food are two of our favorite things, so Street Food Cinema seems perfectly tailored to us. With over 14 food trucks to choose from, this weekend they are showing Scarface on the big screen. Actor Stephen Bauer is scheduled to drop by as well. This is a little friend we'll gladly say hello to.

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