Friday, August 14, 2015

What We're Talking About This Week

After its sad farewell in April, San Francisco's favorite site, The Bold Italic, has returned under new management.  We can't wait to see what the new editors have in store.

Victoria Beckham is one of our Style Icons, and is also an inspiration as an entrepreneur.  Since leaving her pop career behind, she has built an incredible fashion label and defied critics to become a serious designer.  We love this list of her best quotes about her career achievements.

The Gamble House in Pasadena is one of our favorite places to visit in LA, and we wish we were able to join this weekend's Upstairs-Downstairs tour... Sadly, it's sold out, but this architectural gem is worth checking out anytime.

Much has been made recently about San Francisco's increasingly high rents, with correspondingly high dinners, parking, and cocktails.  But there are still plenty of cheap (or free!) things to do in the city, all for less than the price of a hotel gin & tonic, as this list attests.

We love a NorCal - SoCal crossover, for obvious reasons, and there are two big ones happening this week:  Both Tartine Bakery and Philz Coffee, San Francisco standbys, have found Los Angeles locations.  We hope LA will send some great spots up north in appreciation...  Lemonade?  HuckleberryHandsome Coffee revival?

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