Friday, July 24, 2015

What We're Talking About This Week

We are big fans of the free concerts held in the summer at Stern Grove in Golden Gate Park, and this Sunday is the season's only ballet performance. The San Francisco Ballet will perform selections from their current repetoire. More info here.

Tropical House music has pretty much been the soundtrack to this summer, so we were really excited to see this Saturday's free live band concert at The Getty Center. They'll be covering classics as well as modern day hits.

We laughed out loud at this blog post about American Girl dolls ranked by 'betchiness'. Samantha won, in part due to her 'outfit for catching butterflies'.

The San Francisco Symphony is accompanying a Beatles tribute band this Saturday and Sunday. Since we can't catch the original fab four, at least we could hear some of our favorite songs.

 We didn't get to plan a summer Euro trip this year, and this Stockholm city guide has us really regretting it.  We are bookmarking these for Misummer time next year - if you are heading there sooner, definitely check out these places and give us a full report!


  1. I loveee that you get to see the ballet for me, I'm so jealous! And that American Girl article is hilarious haha! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi dear, great linnks I want to take a trip to Stockholm right now!!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  3. I love that link you shared! American Girl Dolls were my favorite growing up!
    Melanie @

  4. Haha that doll article is so funny! I would love to visit Stockholm too

    Rachel xx

  5. Wow! I'm super impressed that the ballet performance is free. I'd love to see it X