Friday, May 15, 2015

What We're Talking About This Week

Silicon Valley wunderkind Elon Musk has inspired a lot of people, while also being controversial at times - as most successful people are.  A new book about his life and career thus far was recently released, and here are some of the most memorable quotes from it.

 We are already loving the Cannes Film Festival's fashion, but we are most excited about the movies, of course.  Here's a list of the ones to watch out for.

This Sunday is the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco - a road race run consecutively every year since 1912.  If you love an excuse to dress up and show off your SF pride, be sure to be there!  If not, you can check out which streets to avoid here.

Dining and drinking al fresco are a year round enjoyment in SoCal, but it's still great to find an unexpected place to indulge... We are already fans of Malibu Wines, but we are looking forward to checking out these other unique suggestions in the LA area.

Mad Men is finally ending this Sunday.  We don't want it to go, but if it must, we hope it ends well... Creator Matthew Weiner and his cast have remained tight lipped, but we love the D.B. Cooper theory

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  1. I need to start watching mad men!
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