Monday, March 30, 2015

Foodie Favorite: The Commissary at The Line Hotel

Located in Koreatown, The Commissary is our favorite of the three restaurants in The Line Hotel. Heading out towards the pool on the second floor, this eatery is housed in a greenhouse. The decor is very eclectic, with multiple varieties of plants, mismatched silverware, and many different styles of cloth napkins. There are a variety of seating options from the bar, to small tables that can accommodate four, to family style tables able to accommodate large groups.

The menu consists entirely of pictures of main seasonal ingredients, and the waiters explain what the dishes are for whichever item interests you. The drink menu has a variety of cocktails served in recycled containers, and also offers fresh juice (that you can spike).

The roasted carrots were our favorite. They had a rich, meaty flavor.

A light, tasty salad.

Followed by a giant tasty burger.

More information on their website here
For a reservation call 213.381.7411 or book through Open Table.

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