Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five San Francisco Restaurants on Our To-Eat List

Oysters at Sous Beurre
1. Sous Beurre - This French Bistro seems to be a sleeper hit.  Their menu is seasonal, but features a wide variety of the standards we know and love - everything from their SF-style take on the classic French bouillabaisse, to a rabbit rillette tartine, to duck confit. 

Liloliho's Roasted Octopus with curried raisins, castelvetrano, butterball potatoes, & cilantro

2. Liholiho Yacht Club - This Hawaiian eatery is in all of our favorite SF-foodie's Instagram feeds right now.  The menu is inventive, the space looks gorgeous, and we need to get a reservation ASAP.

Aatxe's mushrooms a la plancha with smoked yolk and nettles

3. Aatxe - This Basque-Californian restaurant is expected to open this month, and we are dying to see what delights are in store from Nor Cal native, Chef Ryan Pollnow, and the rest of the team from the Ne Timeas restaurant group.

Brunch at Schmidt's means waffles, eggs, and Schnitzel
4. Schmidt's - This German spot in the Mission has a menu full of delicious sounding treats - featuring pretzels, pickles, and schnitzel.  We can't wait to try pretty much everything, but are struggling to decide if we should go for brunch or dinner first.

Burma Love's Tea Leaf Salad
5. Burma Love - A dressed up version of the beloved Burma Superstar, Burma Love also features Myanmar cuisine in its Mission location.  We are going to be sampling the Tea Leaf and Rainbow Salads, along with all of the curries we can eat.

All photos via Instagram

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