Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashionable Film: The Sound of Music

 The Sound of Music turns fifty this year, and it seems to be everywhere - Lady Gaga sang a medley of their songs at the Academy Awards, Diane Sawyer took Julie Andrews back to Salzburg for an ABC special, and there are multiple magazine stories and a new edition of the movie.  We are loving this, as we have been inspired by the film, its cast, songs, locations, and fashion, since the 25th Anniversary VHS set.  The lovely Julie Andrews, the locations in the picturesque Austrian town, handsome Christopher Plummer, the wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein music and lyrics, the ultra-chic Countess, the elegant style of the 'last Golden Years' before World War II, and pretty Liesl are endlessly enchanting and beautiful.  This movie has been influencing us for as long as we can remember.
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