Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Recommend: The Gin Cocktails at Coqueta

Right on San Francisco's Embarcadero, exists a little bit of Spain in the restaurant and detached bar of Coqueta.  Featuring a variety of amazing tapas to choose from, they also have some of the most inventive - and beautiful - gin cocktails we have been lucky enough to sample.  Gin & Tonics are a way of life in Spain, and the mixologists at Coqueta have elevated them to new heights with house infused flavors.  We sampled two varieties:  The Barça and the Galleon, as well as a Not So Dirty gin martini.  While The Barça was a more classic take on the G&T, using dry gin and Fever Tree Tonic, with the addition of hints of grapefruit and pine, the Galleon was more inventive, with its gin mixed with an acorn and apricot tonic, along with berry shrub and lime.  Finally, the martini used the traditional gin and vermouth, with an olive brine dusted rim - giving it the perfect hint of 'dirtiness'.  While we would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, the G&T's were perfect alongside all of the delicious bites, and we would definitely recommend you try them for yourself.

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