Friday, December 26, 2014

Cozy Day After Christmas

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wished for! We're planning on building a big fire in the fireplace and watching movies while sipping on our favorite warm beverages: apple cider, almond milk egg nog and mexican hot chocolate.
clockwise from top left: housecoat, apple cider, nutmeg, eggnog, throw,

Here are some things we've been watching lately:
We loved the visuals of this futuristic snowpocalypse movie where the world has frozen over and humanity resides on a giant train that travels the world, completing its loop once a year. It features Tilda Swinton, who, based on this article by GQ seems like the coolest person ever and makes us want to visit Scotland immediately. (available on Netflix)

The Affair
Season 1 just finished for this drama about an affair between two married people. Each episode covers events first from one's perspective, then the other. It's interesting to see which tiny details change, this musing on the fluidity of memory was something that also drew us to our favorite recent podcast, Serial(available on Showtime OnDemand)

The Artist is Present
This documentary delves into the past work of performance artist Marina Abramovic and follows her as she prepares for a retrospective at MOMA. Her piece Lovers is especially moving as she and her partner walk from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China, meet in the middle and decide to end their relationship. (available on Netflix)

We love this IFC series set in Portland. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have created an amazing array of characters. It will begin its fifth season this January, so it's the perfect time to catch up on past episodes. (available on Netflix)

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