Monday, November 17, 2014

We Recommend: Advanced Style

Based on Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog, this documentary is a wonderful look at fashion and the lives of some over (many are well over) sixty year old women in New York City.  The women in the film, whom Cohen has befriended after spotting on city streets and photographing for his blog, may be in the later stages of life, but they know how to live it to the fullest.  Many of the ladies have had interesting lives, and are still vital and creative, showing this through the texture, color, and decoration of their dress.  Cohen grew up very close to his grandmothers, and that influenced his admiration for older women and their unique senses of style, which have been informed by their range of experiences. They were for him, like the ladies in this film are to us, truly inspiring (poster girl Ilona is a special muse).  Old age doesn't look intimidating when it's this chic. 

The film is available on iTunes, Netflix, etc.

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