Friday, October 10, 2014

Design Soul Mate: Jean-Louis Deniot

This kitchen alone makes Jean-Louis Deniot one of our design soul mates. Is there anything more gorgeous than the mix of shiny warm hammered metal and cool smooth marble?
Jean-Louis studied at Paris's Ă‰cole Camondo and currently has an office on Paris's Rue de Verneuil where he designs interiors as well as furniture pieces. Having worked all around the world, he cites Jean-Michel Frank as one of his design influences (he's one of our favorites as well), and he mixes classical design with modern updates. He's noted that lighting plays a key role in his interiors, and it's something he clearly excels at. The color palate and mix of textures in his spaces also add to the feeling of warmth. Here are a few of our other favorite spaces and pieces.

More of his work is available on his website.
All images from Pinterest.

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