Friday, April 25, 2014

Pinterest New Feature Launch Party

Last night we attended the launch of Pinterest's new Guided Search feature at the Pinterest Headquarters. The theme was appropriately 'Choose Your Own Adventure'.
When you signed in you were asked to choose from one of five main interests: Travel, Design, Gardening, Cooking or Fashion, and add that sticker to your name tag. Then you could follow the dots corresponding to that interest to check out activities.
At the travel table you could pick from various vintage travel postcards and mail one to someone anywhere in the world.
The design area featured a screen printer making posters, teeshirts and tote bags.
 There were a few bars set up around the space, and appetizers were passed out. There was a dessert table that had Choose Your Own Adventure books as party favors.
At the gardening table you could build your own lightbulb terrarium. 
The cooking table let you infuse vodka or olive oil with various ingredients.
The fashion table taught you how to do various folds for pocket squares.
Photo backdrop (love the piƱata letters) and lego wall.
Posing by the art installation in the lobby, wearing Pinterest Red.
Pinterest's Goals & Achievements board.
Then it was time for the announcement.
Pinterest's CEO Ben Silbermann started with some facts: there are over 750 million boards on Pinterest and over 30 billion pins.
Ma explaining how Guided Search works - you start with one broad topic, and then can add keywords to get a more specific search. This can lead you to find things you didn't necessarily know you were looking for.
The update is live in the app store. We can't wait to play with this new feature. If you want to see what we find, follow us on Pinterest at GoldenDream.

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