Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why This Doesn't Work: Antlers and Lush Greenery

Here at Golden Dreamland we love sharing trends and inspiration with all of you, both through the blog and on our Pinterest account. A lot of times on Pinterest we come across images that have amazing potential, but for some reason just don't work. We thought we would start a segment where we look at what it is that is keeping something, be it an outfit or an interior, from greatness. Today's images is this greenhouse:
Greenhouses are one of our favorite types of rooms, especially when attached directly to the home. They have the romance of old European estates, smell earthy (in a good way), and are often filled with lush plants and flowers. Antlers are one of our favorite interior decorating accents. They soften a modern interior, and have a warmth and rusticity to them. However when the two are combined, as above, they take on a slightly creepy vibe (very True Detective). We would much prefer each individually, like these spaces:

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