Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Recommend: Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil

As we get to the end of our twenties, we are dismayed to discover that we still get the occasional blemish, despite the dryness and beginnings of fine lines in our skin.  Face oils have become popular lately, but it's always a challenge to find the right product.  However, a friend recently recommended Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil, and we are hooked.  It works for all of us, despite our differences in the balance between oily and dry.  Just a few drops under our daytime moisturizer every morning gives our skin the extra moisture it needs, without causing acne or other issues.  Our skin hasn't been so balanced and healthy looking in since at least twenty two.

You can read more about Normalizing Day Oil, or purchase it, here.

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