Friday, October 25, 2013

The Night Tour at Alcatraz

We recently went on the Alcatraz at Night tour, something we've heard heaps of praise about for some time now. We've been before during the day, but the night version was a spooky start to Halloween celebrations. We would recommend the trip, and the audio tour, which really adds to the ambiance.
Leaving the city on the ferry at dusk

Sunset behind the golden gate bridge

Approaching the island

Disembarking - grafitti is still visible from the Native American occupation

The morgue

The cellblocks

A cell with standard issue items


The library

Some of the cells as they might have been decorated 

The control room

The guard uniform

A model of the island

A spooky hand print

One of the decoy heads from the only escape that may have been successful

The operating instructions and lever for the cell doors

The dining hall and kitchen. 
Gas canisters in the ceiling ensured the inmates behaved.

The x-ray development room

The hospital wing

The operating room - definitely the creepiest spot on the tour

The lighthouse

City lights on the sail back

Full moon over the water

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