Monday, September 9, 2013

Foodie Favorite: The Crispy Chicken Wings Confit at Q

Q Restaurant is on Clement Street in San Francisco, which has a number of adorable, cozy little spots to dine in its eternally foggy Richmond neighborhood.  Q, which serves a plethora of items smothered in cheese, is our preferred place on Clement for straight comfort food.  But one of our favorite dishes there, which has no dairy at all, is the Crispy Chicken Wings Confit.  The Confit is a slow cooked version of the classic Buffalo Wings, in a tangy, sticky, Asian influenced sauce, served on a spicy fruit slaw.  It's a perfect shared appetizer for two, or could even be an entree for one.  We love it right before some Macaroni and Cheezy with Tater Tots...

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