Monday, August 26, 2013


We've been fans of the Castro Theatre's Sing-A-Longs for some time now, so when we were invited to drag queen extraordinaire Peaches Christ's presentation of Showgirls, we didn't hesitate. Celebrating its 16th anniversary, Peaches, the Nomis and Rena Riffel (who played Penny in the movie) acted out a mini version of the film, followed by a Nomi look-alike contest judged by Dewey Weber (who played Jeff) and lap-dances for everyone who had purchased a large popcorn.

 Waiting for the show to begin

Two of the stars of the show 

The Volcano/Goddess Scene

All of the performers take a bow

 Introducing the people giving lap-dances to large-popcorn-purchasers. 
Our favorites were A-man-duh Bynes and Condo-sleeza Rice.

 Some of the lap-dancers, as well as an amazing performance in the audience below us, 
involving a bra with built-in Easy Cheese dispensers.

A dance from Condo-sleeza Rice

A very fun night, we recommend checking out next year's performance!

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