Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fashionable Film: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Anthony Minghella's adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith 1955 novel, The Talented Mr. Ripley, was shot on location in Italy, and Minghella took full advantage of the beauty of both the country, and of his gorgeous young cast.  Matt Damon plays Tom Ripley, who becomes obsessed with becoming Dickie, played by Jude Law, a spoiled, trust funder with golden good looks.  Gwyneth Paltrow's Marge evokes a young Grace Kelly as she becomes suspicious of Tom and his motives, and Cate Blanchett as Meredith has a fresh, American style as she remains completely naive.  This movie has a dark side, but it's also stunningly sun drenched, and still makes us want to put a scarf in our hair, swipe on some red lipstick,  and drive around the Amalfi Coast on the back of a Vespa.

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